We see a nation or people to whom food and general farm produce is available, affordable and readily accessible. We see a value chain of business and employment opportunities created for people through our agricultural initiatives and services.

Our goal is to raise viable and thriving farms with sustainable produce in the area of aquaculture, livestock, plantation and other Agricultural services that will attract local and foreign investors.


To solve food problem by making farm produce cheap and accessible to all classes of people. To produce and sell farm products under best hygienic conditions thereby sustaining a healthy living.




We understand the power of leveraging our resources, manpower and efforts. We have different farm departments under one administrative structure.


We take advantage of cutting edge technology to optimize our processes and improve the performance and yield of both our crops, and our processing output.


Agriculture is a slow industry, and we are not one of those with a quick fix approach. We have a long term strategy that includes our clients, investors and host communities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Agriculture?

Nigeria is the most populous black country in the world with a large expanse of fertile ground. The intersection of cultivatable land and skilled manpower makes Nigeria an agricultural investment destination.

What do we farm?

Our farms are in three sections: fisheries, poultry and crop farms.
Fisheries: we grow catfish, tilapia fish and process them for medium and large scale purchase, including export.
Poultry: we grow chickens both for eggs and for meat. You can order processed chicked in large quantities from our online store.
Crop Farms: we have the following plantations - cassava, maize, cashew (including processing) and a lot more products.

Where are our farms located?

We have large expanse of farm lands in Kwara State and Ogun State, both in the South-West of Nigeria.

Do we welcome investors and investements?

Yes, we periodically publish short term agro-investment opportunities ranging from cycles of 4-months to 9-months. You can find our investment offers on our investment page.

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Why we farm

  • Food Security

    All people at all times should have physical, social, and economic access to sufficient, safe, and nutritious food.

  • Job Creation

    The Agriculture sector is the largest sector in the Nigerian economy, employing about two thirds of the nation’s labor force.

  • Economic diversification

    With the income from oil declining in Nigeria, the nation is seeking economic diversification and the agricultural sector is a good substitute.

  • Raw materials for other industries

    he basic needs for human survival; food, shelter, and clothing, are all dependent on agriculture for their production.